The Fountain Tarot

We have had the immense pleasure of creating The Fountain Tarot. Thank you for years of support from our Kickstarter for the first edition, to our acquisition by Roost Books for the second edition. The way we see it,  your participation is the only thing that makes it real and seeing it out in the world is a blessing. Your inspiring messages, shares and videos make it all worth it. 

Jonathan, who created the 79 luscious oil-painted images in the deck, works full time as a painter and is always experimenting with a new show or series. Jason, who wrote the book in the deck including the journal, is also a children’s book author and counselor committed to consistently improving people’s lives. Andi, who designed the card backs, formats, branding and packaging for the deck and journal, is a full-time freelance professional creative dabbling in a myriad of mediums.

We love art, writing and design, and, since we all work for ourselves, we’re for hire! Feel free to reach out to us individually with inquires about your projects. Our names in the above paragraph link to our personal pages.

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For damaged product and/or card replacements please contact the retailer you purchased it from. If that doesn’t work, please write to us.